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Directory of image files

Table of Contents

  1. Naming your files
    1. Single image item
    2. PDF item
    3. Multi-image item

Wax accepts .tiff, .jpeg, .png, and .pdf files and assumes relatively high resolution. For best results, resolution should be as standard as possible across the collection.

Naming your files

For Wax to work, each source image file must be named to match its pid in the metadata exactly. (See: the Metadata guide).

image files

Single image item

Say you have a collection item comprising one jpeg image that corresponds with the pid value obj45 in your metadata file. You’d name this source image obj45.jpeg.

PDF item

If another item with pid obj46 in your metadata represents a pdf document, you’d name that source file obj46.pdf.

Multi-image item

If you have an item with pid obj47 representing a group of images, you’d make a sub folder called obj47 and fill it with source images, e.g., recto.jpg and verso.jpg.

*Note: If the order of the images is important for your multi-image item, name each image in order, e.g., 00.jpg, 01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc.