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Running the main tasks

The order in which you run the following rake tasks is important! For example, the derivatives tasks give information to the metadata file, so it needs to be run before the pages task generates pages from the metadata. And the search task indexes the collection markdown pages, so those pages need to exist before it is run.

A note on using Docker!

For all of the steps here on “running the tasks,” you’ll need to run the commands from within your Docker container. You can find a cheatsheet here.

Step 1: Make sure you have the tasks available.

You can check by running bundle exec rake --tasks. You should see a list of tasks printed in your shell window.

Step 2: Generate the image derivatives for your collection from the source images.

You’ll do this by running one of the wax:derivatives tasks.

Step 3: Generate the collection pages from the metadata records.

You’ll do this by running the wax:pages task.

Step 4: Generate the search index.

You’ll do this by running the wax:search task.

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