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For folks who have done this before or want a zoomed-out view:

Quick reference

For folks who have done this before or are experienced devs:

  1. Clone the demo.
  2. Run bundle install to install dependencies.
  3. Delete the demo-specific collection derivatives (i.e., _data/raw_images/qatar, _data/qatar.csv, img/derivatives and _qatar) with bundle exec rake clobber:qatar.
  4. Change _layouts/qatar-item.html to a layout for your collection.
  5. Swap in your own directory of images and metadata file for each collection.
  6. Add your collection(s) to _config.yml (referencing your new layout), set up your search config, change site title, url, baseurl, etc.
  7. Run bundle exec rake wax:derivatives:iiif <collection-name> OR bundle exec rake wax:derivatives:simple <collection-name> to generate image derivatives and add their paths to your metadata file.
  8. Run bundle exec rake wax:pages <collection-name> to generate the collection item pages.
  9. Run bundle exec rake wax:search main to generate the Elasticlunr.js search index.
  10. Run bundle exec jekyll serve to preview your site in progress.
  11. Adjust the menu settings in _config.yml, update the content on the pages, change the metadata for your collection pages, and so on until your site is ready.
  12. Push the site to a new repository of your own and, if desired, enable GitHub pages.