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Serving your site

Serving locally for development

If you’re running Wax directly on your machine, serving *should* be as simple as

bundle exec jekyll serve

If you’re in a Docker container, you’ll need to specify the host:

bundle exec jekyll serve --host

Hosting / publishing online

There are many options. Our demo uses GitHub pages. You can also use FTP deployment to a server or sync files to an S3 or bucket.

Have you used these options and would like to share a “recipe” for our Wiki? Please ping us on the Code4Lib Slack!

With GitHub Pages

If you have a wax site repository that you want to publish to GitHub pages:

  1. Go to your repository page on Github.
  2. Go to “Settings” > “Pages”.
  3. Under “Source”, select the “main” branch and “root” folder and click “Save”.
  4. The page should now say something like “Your site is published at”. In this example, is the URL and /my-repo-name is the BASEURL.
  5. Open your _config.yml file.
  6. Replace the url field with your own url, e.g., This should NOT have a slash at the end.
  7. Replace the baseurl with your own baseurl, which will be the same as your repository name, e.g., /my-repo-name. This MUST start with a slash.
  8. Add, commit, and push your changes.
  9. After waiting and refreshing as needed, your site should be published at your complete URL, e.g.,

If you have issues or questions, refer to the GitHub Pages Documentation.