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Using theme layouts

Wax five layouts for you to use and/or expand on: wax/default.html, wax/page.html, wax/exhibit.html, wax/collection_item.html, and wax/reuse_page.html. (See them on Github.)

You can tell a page to use a layout by adding it to the page’s front-matter, for example:

. _exhibits/

title: 'My Exhibit'
layout: wax/exhibit

Or you can make your own layout file that inherits from a Wax layout, for example the qatar_item.html layout which inherits from generic_collection_item.html:

. _layouts/qatar_item.html

layout: generic_collection_item.html
image_viewer: 'openseadragon'
pagination: true
  - label: 'Object Label'
    value: page.label
  - label: 'Artist'
    value: page.artist
  - label: 'Object Type'
    value: page.object_type
  - label: 'Location'
    value: page.location
  - label: 'Current Location'
    value: page.current_location
  - label: 'Date'
    value: page.\_date
  - label: 'Source'
    value: page.source