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Updating your configuration

Below you’ll find explanations for the wax demo site configuration and instructions for you to update it for your own exhibition site.

Main settings

The main settings are direct from Jekyll. You can learn more through their configuration guides.

title:            'Minicomp/Wax'
description:      'Minimal Exhibitions with Jekyll'
url:              ''
baseurl:          '/wax'
copyright:        'Example copyright org, 2018'

Collection settings

Wax leverages Jekyll collections for much of its functionality, therefore some of the keys below are from Jekyll while others are Wax-specific.

Below, two collections exhibits and qatar are configured. They control files in _exhibits and _qatar respectively. exhibits contains regular Markdown essays, so it only needs output: true in its config. But qatar is a Wax image collection and needs more info to be processed:

    output: true
    output: true
    layout: 'qatar_item'
      source: 'qatar.csv' # path to the metadata file within `_data`
      source: 'raw_images/qatar' # path to the directory of images within `_data`

variable type accepted description used by
collections hash the site collections wax and jekyll
output true/false whether or not to output the collection to HTML. jekyll
layout string which layout in _layouts the collection pages should use. you should create this file in _layouts and it should use the wax/collection_item layout. note: you do not add the .html extension at the end; this is a Jekyll convention. wax and jekyll
metadata:source string path to the collection’s metadata file within the _data directory wax
images:source string path to the collection’s directory of images within the _data directory wax

There are more configuration variables for collections within metadata and images for advanced use cases.

Search settings

The search variable can create multiple indexes, though just one (main) is recommended. For Wax to use search it needs to a search index, which will be saved as a JSON file.

    index: '/search/index.json' # file the index will get written to
        content: false # whether or not to index page content
        fields: # the metadata fields to index
          - artist
          - location
          - label
          - _date
          - object_type
          - current_location
variable type accepted description used by
index string the path (within the root of the site) to write the index to wax
collections hash which collections (as defined in collections above) will be indexed wax
content true/false within a collection: whether or not to index the page content in addition to the metadata in the front matter wax
fields list within a collection: the metadata fields to index wax

The menu defined in _config.yml is used by the theme’s header and can accept nested / dropdown menus.

  - label: 'About'
      - label: 'Wax'
        link: '/about/'
      - label: 'Documentation'
        link: ''
      - label: 'Credits'
        link: '/credits/'
  - label: 'Exhibits'
      - label: 'Local and Remote IIIF Manifests'
        link: '/exhibits/a/'
      - label: 'Inline Parallax Image'
        link: '/exhibits/b/'
      - label: 'Inline Image References'
        link: '/exhibits/c/'
  - label: 'Browse'
    link: '/collection/'
  - label: 'Search'
    link: '/search/'
  - label: 'Reuse'
    link: '/reuse/'
variable type accepted description used by
menu list list of menu items wax
label string the human-readable label for the link or dropdown wax
link string the relative (internal) or absolute (external) link wax
sub list a list of sub items for a dropdown wax

The theme’s footer uses the site’s title, description, and copyright by default and optionally takes a list of navigation links and logos from the variables below.

    - label: 'GitHub'
      link: ''
    - label: 'Credits'
      link: '/credits'
    - label: 'Contact'
      link: ''
    - img: '/assets/logo.png'
    - img: ''
      link: ''