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Adding your collection data

Before adding your collection data, take note of the project’s structure, including:

directory purpose
_data where raw, unprocessed images and metadata files go.
these will not be output to the compiled static site.
_qatar where the pages for each collection item in the qatar collection were generated.
if you have a collection called photos the pages will be generated to a directory _photos.
img/derivatives where the image derivatives are generated after running the wax:img:derivatives task

More information on Jekyll directory and file conventions can be found in the Jekyll documentation.

Delete demo data and files and directories generated by wax tasks

After exploring the site and its files, delete the following demo files and directories:

  • _qatar directory
  • img/derivatives directory

You can do this manually or you can run the command

bundle exec rake wax:clobber qatar

Also delete any qatar files and folders within _data.

Swap in your collection data

  • Drag your own directory of images (named after your collection) into _data/raw_images
  • Drag your own metadata records (i.e. your .csv, .json, or .yml file) into _data

*TIP! It’s a good idea to make a copy of your metadata file since Wax will alter and add fields to your main copy. (e.g., qatar.csv and qatar-original.csv)